Who should attend RiverU? RiverU is designed for any college or highly motivated high school student with an interest in the environment.

Perhaps you are already studying an environmental field, and want to add real-world experience to your resume. Perhaps you are exploring a new direction within your major. Perhaps your current coursework does not provide an opportunity to do field research. Perhaps you want to accelerate your graduation with Clarkson University credits.

You can broaden your knowledge and deepen your practical experience with River University’s interdisciplinary and hands-on approach, combined with expert, world-recognized faculty in an immersive program with lots of individual attention.  Coursework and Faculty.

Can I transfer these credits to my current program?

Most likely, yes. While transferability is determined by your primary academic institution, the six credits you will earn in River University will be transcripted by Clarkson University, a fully accredited research university.

What are the housing and dining arrangements? If you choose the residential option, you will enjoy safe, high-quality, modern campus dormitory housing and parking at a nearby college. Double (and a few single) occupancy rooms are available with many campus amenities. All meals for the entire program are included in the residential and commuter dining fee. Program transportation is provided for group trips. Residential students will need individual transportation from dorm to class facilities.

What will we be doing on the Clearwater? River University includes three days on the Clearwater. You and your classmates will learn to sail the sloop as a team and study critical aspects of the river firsthand during the course of this three-day, two-night camping trip.

Can I work at a summer job while attending River University? Students in River University will earn six credits in three weeks. The intensive interdisciplinary program includes morning and afternoon classes, with special lectures and field trips, in addition to personal study time.  The immersive nature of the River University experience is best experienced free of other obligations.

I live about an hour away.  Can I still commute? We recommend that students who live more than a 30 minute drive from Beacon choose the residential option if at all possible, as you will be involved in program activities from 8 am to 4 pm most every day.

Are highly motivated high school students eligible to participate? Yes! RiverU welcomes students who welcome the challenges that accompany most honors and advanced placement programs. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

To learn more, please contact: Mike Walsh, Educational Program Director mwalsh@bire.org | email 610.613.1510 | cell