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Hudson River Science: A Data-Driven Interpretive Exhibit

Opening Reception December 10, 2016












Hudson River Science is an interactive, educational exhibit created by Clarkson University student Allison Montroy made possible by a 2016 Open Space Institute-sponsored Barnabas McHenry Hudson River Valley Award*. With cutting-edge technology, Hudson River Science aims to inspire connection with the Hudson River by effectively communicating important aspects of river function—including the impact of human influences. This curriculum-based exhibit will be on public display for visitors of all ages throughout the year at the Institute's "Sensor Place" located at the Institute's storefront at 199 Main Street. 

*In honor of Barney McHenry's contributions and accomplishments, the Open Space Institute has established and administers an award to celebrate his leadership and foster future leaders in the Hudson River Valley. The annual award will be used to provide financial support to promising young leaders and exemplary projects that make significant contributions to environmental protection, historic preservation, tourism and the arts in the Hudson River Valley."


Gallery at 199 Main Street in Beacon, NY

Gallery at 199 Main Street in Beacon, NY








Located in the dynamic West End district of Beacon’s Main Street, this historic brick storefront houses the Institute’s gallery and its administrative headquarters. The gallery showcases river and environmentally themed art and educational exhibits.

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