Office Manager

Jo Merchant

Jo Merchant

Jo Merchant, as Office Manager of the Beacon Institute for  Rivers and Estuaries, ensures the smooth running of the office, gallery and shop  and that it is an efficient, safe and pleasant work environment for the  staff. 

Merchant came to the Institute after a stint at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City where  she was a frog keeper: feeding and caring for 72 poison dart frogs. She  cleaned, monitored and maintained the water and air filtration systems for their  habitat and raised their prey.

Previously, Ms. Merchant was with Morgan Stanley for 13 years. As  a technical writer, she liaised between the graphic designers of the corporate  documents and the computer programmers who heavily customized the Microsoft  Office Suite for banker use.

Ms. Merchant has a bachelor’s degree from Hunter College  in English and Mass Communications. She also earned a Certificate in  Environmental Conservation from the Center for Environmental Research and  Conservation at Columbia   University.