4/17 Ecoart talk with Lipton, Damon & Ball invites new ideas & honors Earth Day

On Thursday, 4/17, 7 pm, ecoartists Lillian Ball, Betsy Damon and ecoartspace curator Amy Lipton will participate in a dialogue for new ideas on how the combined power of art and science can impact a new world of thinking about 21st century water issues. The talk titled Understanding Understanding & Inspiration: The Symbiotic Nature of Art, Science & the Environment, facilitated by Hudson River environmentalist John Cronin, will take place at the Institute's Center for Environmental Innovation and Education (CEIE) at Denning's Point. 

The art-science collaborations of Ball, Damon and Lipton are representative of a growing global movement called ecological art that aims to impact environmental change on an emotional, personal level. Their work will be the basis for a lively discussion between presenters, and the audience will be invited to contribute ideas on how to better communicate the urgency of the environmental challenges we face.