Beacon's 1st virtual watershed at 199 Main Street

A new interactive learning space called "Sensor Place" will open on Saturday, 12/5 in the storefront at 199 Main Street. Sensor Place will promote environmental science and sensor technology with unique interactive exhibits on permanent display for visitors of all ages to explore the Hudson River and learn about estuaries worldwide.

One of the unique exhibits bound for Sensor Place is a 3D interactive watershed, a virtual ecosystem in which users can make it rain, channel water flows and sculpt the landscape - all with their bare hands. By manipulating sand lit by a projector in a unit equipped with a motion-sensing device, kids can grasp concepts in topography, hydrology and geomorphology while having fun with hands-on play.

A crowdfunding campaign is now underway to support the installation of the prototype model at 199 Main Street. Those who contribute to the campaign will be invited to a sneak preview on Friday, 12/4.

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