Press 'Pause' on pessimism with 'Once Upon a Tide' family film night

On Thursday, 8/21, 7 pm Beacon Institute will host its annual film night, an evening of short films for young and old designed to uplift and inspire our connection to water. The event titled Once Upon a Tide and Other Stories will take place at the Institute's Center for Environmental Innovation and Education (CEIE) at Denning's Point in Beacon. Please register online.

Inspired by the film Once Upon a Tide*, produced in 2009 by Kathleen Frith, now president of Glynwood, the evening's presentation will be a visual tour of some of the world's pristine places and hidden wonders, an opportunity to transcend the often-pessimistic landscape of today's environmental challenges. 

 *A project of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School.