River of Words Poetry Trail Winners - September- November 2017

Eight selected poems were calligraphed onto fabric hung along trails at Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, Cornwall, NY.

Participating school districts were Haldane, Garrison, Cornwall, Putnam Valley, Ft. Montgomery and Highland Falls.



I Am Thankful

I am thankful for the white, fluffy, feathered swans reaching through the ponds.
I am thankful for the brown-tailed squirrels skipping in the drippy woods.
I am thankful for the colorful, smooth fish moving quickly across the dark lakes that surround us.
I am thankful for the light-colored blue water that covers soft animals.
I am thankful for my loving and caring family who help me every day.

                   Ava, 3rd grade, Cornwall-on-Hudson ES


Rippled Change

I find myself stretched out on a pond
With bland colors swirling all around.
Every time my golden paw takes a step, the entire world ripples.
I drag my long tail across the pond.
As I do, my surroundings change.
I see my forest start out as a patch of rock,
Then grow into a field,
Then a river floods into the pond
When I walk around, my child-wonder takes hold.
I run and look and climb all around,
And see trees grow up from small sprouts,
And lush green grass grow in,
And a mountain rises with the river going through it.
I jump up on the mountain, go into a cave,
And fall asleep looking at my beautiful, ever-changing forest.

                                         Allie , 4th grade, Haldane


The Fox's Seasons

The goldenrod is yellow, the violets are turning blue,
And there was me, a little fox,
Sleeping in the afternoon dew.
I lazily paw at a green butterfly
With rings of gold and blue.
I spring up as my fellow fox skids past my muzzle,
Then leaps into a spring sun-warmed puddle,
Creating songlike silver ripples.
I chase after my sibling,
Paws flying through the forest like owl’s wings.
Soon after, I give up this wild goose chase
And settle down for breakfast.
I sniff the air hurriedly, and catch a whiff of plants.
Then I run through dark green leaves.
It was a leaping, dashing prance.
I examine the raspberries,
A sweet wild flavor fills our mouths as we eat.
Soon after breakfast, a fun forest game is to play!
I bump my sister on the nose,

And dash through the fall leaves as she rose.

                                       Saminah, 4th grade, Haldane


The River

Tiny scaly fish flowing swiftly on by,
The scales are so pretty, like a sunset in the sky.
They stop.
They stare at me.
It’s like they want a kiss.
I think they are grand,
And I am now one with the fish.

                               Evan, 4th grade, Putnam Valley ES



I fly up high,
Up in the sky,
Even though
I may crash.
I have big hopes
For my life.
I fight the wind
With my heart
Knowing even
If I am fragile
I have to survive.
But then I can’t.
I can’t hold on.
So I let go,
Knowing I will die.
It’s the end of me.
But to my surprise,

I survive.

I softly fly.

The flutter of my wings
Is the only thing I hear
I am not fighting the wind.
I am one with the wind.

                                          Violetta, 4th Grade Haldane


Precious River

Oh Precious River, you flow with the land.
Oh Precious River, you smooth out the land.
Oh Precious River, you run gently on the land.
Oh Precious River, you connect with the Beautiful Ocean.
Oh Precious River, I proceed white water rafting on your rapid points.
Oh Precious River, this is why you’re Precious to me!

                               Jack, 4th grade, Putnam Valley ES


The Forest

Lightning bugs gleam in the twilight.
Leaves chatter as the breeze faintly touches them.
Trees are as brown as grizzly bear fur.
Cardinals whistle their soothing melody.
The humming of the breeze brings tranquility
And I sense the caterpillars’ fuzzy hair.

                             Manny, 4th grade, Putnam Valley ES


The Peace of the Forest

The sun is scorching on my shoulders
And I feel nature’s peace.
I see saplings sprout
And I feel nature’s peace.
Deer calmly nibble on grass
And I feel nature’s peace.
I hear birds chirp their sweet song
And I feel nature’s peace.
Tadpoles swim happily
And I feel nature’s peace.
Bunnies hop around playfully
And I feel nature’s peace.
Trees gently wave with the rhythm of the gentle breeze
And I feel nature’s peace.

                                Jay, 4th grade, Putnam Valley ES