River of Words Poetry Trail Winners - June-July 2017

Eight selected poems were calligraphed onto fabric hung along trails at Constitution Marsh, Garrison, NY.

Participating school districts were Haldane, Garrison, Cornwall, Putnam Valley, Ft. Montgomery and Highland Falls.



The Happy Forest

Do you hear that in your ear?

The grand old woodpecker is near.

All those leaves are dancing down,

Falling softly on the ground.

Can you feel that bumpy row

of roots in the ground starting to grow?

That little bunny hopping around?

All your food will soon be found.

And I feel like I am home.

                        Maddy, 4th grade, Putnam Valley ES



I walk along the rapid river looking for fish to eat,

But nothing swims near.

The cold and lonely night strikes.

A long nap brings me peace.

The weeks go by and by.

I wake to the sound of birds.

Time for a deep yawn and long stretch.

Breathing in deep fresh spring air,

I listen for the sound of bees

in search of some honey,

the hunger heavy on my mind.

                                      Jake, 4th grade Haldane


The Great Forest

Birds soar from tree to tree.

Trees trail the rhythm of the wind.

Colorful flowers gradually sprout.

Birds tweet in the sweet heat.

Eagles hover above.

Leaves leisurely rustle.

Fox exact on their prey.

Exquisite butterflies float around.

Bright berries make your mouth water.

And I feel the sweltering sun.

                            Jona, 4th grade, Putnam Valley ES


I Am Grateful

I am grateful for air-giving, sky-high and thick trees,
The energy from the blazing yellow, orange, red and indestructible sun,
The cold, grayish black circular moon,
The hot or cold clear, flowing, blueish ocean, lake, or rivers,
The soft, comforting and green grass,
And most of all, my creative, brave, smart and grateful family
That loves me so much.

           Brock, 3rd grade Willow Avenue Elementary




Heat from the sun shines down
on my old bumpy face
as I swim through the water with Grace.
Then, it flung,
flung out of my mouth,
and I catch a tasty fly with my tongue.
I hop onto the bay
and spring through the woods all day.
As I bounce,
leaves seem to spill from the trees,
and hit my warty old knees.
At that moment something swoops down,
and I duck with a frown.
The owl flies high in the sky,
and disappears without saying bye.

                                           Asa, 4th grade, Haldane



In the warmth of a nest, I had a dream.

I was soaring through a sea of gray.

I saw a light, not a cold light,

like the moon shining on a lake,

but a warm, welcoming light,

like the light of growth.

I dreamed that I was immersed in it,

and flowered forth wings of gold,

then as I wake I feel anew.

The wind ruffles feathers,

gold and bright, and

I have fully fledged.

                                    Patrick, 4th grade, Haldane


Home Sweet Home

The beautiful sound of the springtime water,

too quickly it has faded on by.

But the beautiful touch of the winter snow

has covered the icy water.

And I am home.

                      Thomas, 4th grade, Putnam Valley ES



River, you been shining so bright

River you been rippling all night

River you been shining so bright

That peaceful sound all night –

that’s what I like

River you been shining so bright

The sound of a river going over rocks –

that’s what I like

River you been shining so bright

The fish swimming by all night

River you been shining so bright

The crayfish holding hands - lucky for me - that’s what I like

                           Mia, 4th grade, Putnam Valley ES