"I chose to pursue the Master of Science in Engineering Management graduate program with Clarkson University, offered at Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, because the program coursework directly applies to my career with IBM as an Environmental Engineer, and also my undergraduate background as an Environmental Resource Manager.

The courses that I am currently taking, Strategic Project Management and Negotiations/Relationship Management, prove important within every profession, but are especially important within the environmental field. Effective decision-making in regards to the management of the interaction of humans on the environment is essential to ensuring that ecosystem services are preserved and protected for future generations to come."

— Jayne Ulrich, IBM Environmental Engineering


"The virtual synchronous classroom sessions allow me to attend class where I need to at the time (whether from home, work, or other remote locations) and have given me the ability to easily incorporate the part-time schooling into my current lifestyle. The best part about this set-up is the fact that there is still live interaction between my professors, as well as my peers in the industry, as if I were sitting in a classroom with them.

I am already using learnings from the two classes I am currently taking and applying them to situations I experience in the workplace on a daily basis. The fact that I am getting immediate benefit so early on, furthers my confidence in my decision and the MSEM program."

— Ashlie M. Gregoire, Johnson & Johnson


"Clarkson's Master of Science in Engineering Management Program is the best decision I could have made for pursuing my masters. The 2-year program, coupled with the cohort structure is perfect for me as a working professional in a demanding career. Other programs I considered would have either taken much longer to complete, or did not address my learning style of benefitting from the push by fellow students and professors via a team setting."

— Kevin E. LevFever, Turner Construction


"As an engineer at General Motors, the master of Science in Engineering Management from Clarkson University was clearly the best graduate program for me in terms of enhancing my career. One of my aspirations is to become a Vehicle Chief Engineer in the coming years, which requires broad technical knowledge and an engineering background with the ability to make savvy business decisions, which benefit the customer and corporation.

Since I am able to take discussion-based classes while still working, I have learned from my peers and their respective industries; this allows me to leverage ideas from my peers and professor to improve myself and GM."

— Zachary Cohen, General Motors Engineering Specialist