Beacon Institute has developed an online portal to provide access to water data from across the world. The portal, known as "World Water Window (WWW)," collects massive amounts of data—much of it real-time—from measurements made in over 14,700 sensor locations from New York to Norway to Madagascar, including the REON system on the Hudson River.

Currently in the final stages of development, WWW was created by bringing together resources and experts from Clarkson University and IBM. It gives users access to hydrologic and atmospheric data as well as visualization tools to express and understand the data. The goal of this powerful Web engine is to aid water systems research and analysis, enabling new understandings of our environment and helping to guide human action. "Big Data" — the capture, storage, analysis and display of massive amounts of information—is already being used to inform decision-making in myriad sectors that contend with large, highly complex systems.